Manju and her story! Take #1

Triveni’s Pragya happened to visit “Aunti ji” (who works as a sweeper in Pragya’s hostel), to ensure that her grandchildren were keeping well and following up in their studies. That day there was someone new at home, who Pragya had not seen before. She didn’t smile much but spoke with a distinct clarity. She visited to help her aunt to take care of the kids. Whenever she did smile during her conversation, it was brief but it was like a revelation- a gentle glimpse into her life, unspoken and un-revealed and that was what made Pragya want to know more about her.

Some people have courage. Those very people also have the unique ability of not giving up – of not being controlled by circumstance – but making the most of their situation. Some people, like Manju and this is her story.

Manju has had a difficult childhood. She came from a rural background – the kind that doesn’t facilitate much for those who are ill, aspiring or developing. Her father passed away due to a rupture in a brain nerve when she was very small. Her mother had a chronic illness that deteriorated her life and her brother passed away because of alcohol consumption.

After this, Manju, with no immediate family to call her own, was taken in by her elderly aunt. Her aunt is the only person that Manju looks to, confides in and is cared for.Her aunt makes ends meet by sweeping the Girls’ Hostel at BITS. She is accompanied by Manju whenever possible for help; otherwise Manju is at home taking care of her aunt’s grandchildren.

That’s life for Manju, for now at least.


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Picture Credits: Rahul Jain (PicU)