Style it up the ‘Dhoti’ way

Attire speaks all and no doubt every Indian traditional wear says a lot about the country’s rich culture. There are plethora of different ethnic wears that reflects the beauty of our country as well as the beauty of the dressing sense that we have, but amongst them ‘Dhoti’ particularly remains one of the best attire that India can always boast about!

Dhoti: also known as vetti, pancha, mundu, etc, is worn extensively across the country. It is simply a piece of cloth, generally of one color or shade which is sometimes embroidered with different materials (like golden gotta) to increase the beauty of the product.


The color of a dhoti represents a lot about the occasion, for example a dull white one is worn by the Bengalis as a casual wear and always during marriage ceremonies,


Dull white dhoti

vermillion shaded ones are worn by priests of Maharashtra and also it would be worth mentioning that a perfect white dhoti is considered an official ethnic wear of the southern states like Tamil Nadu.


Vermillion color dhoti worn mostly by priests

The way of wearing a dhoti also says a lot about the person’s attitude. The way it is draped around the waist and the way it is pleated. Like for instance, it is not at all acceptable if someone folds a dhoti above the knees and attends any formal function or ceremony; it is considered rude.

As new fashion trends crept into the Indian market scenario, people started forgetting this beautiful attire and soon it started to get stacked up in our cupboards, unused, unspoken about. Many youngsters often dreads from wearing one even now. But one must always remember that ‘old is gold’ and the fashion industry believed that this time it is necessary to revive the ‘dhoti-culture’.

To reinitiate the use of dhoti, its elastic avatar entered the market. Now, no more worrying about how to tie that knot, no more worrying  about how many pleats to be made, it is more of a ‘ready to get into’ product now. Ladies too can flaunt this ethnic wear in various other ways like ‘dhoti-pants’ that would compliment best with a cool top.


Different variations of ‘dhoti-pants’

Sounds interesting isn’t it?

So, let’s party now ‘the dhoti way’!


By: Santu Patra

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