Share Your First Saree Story Contest

A saree is the one and solely ancient Indian apparel that has however not losen its charm. And its always special and memorable when a girl dresses in a saree for the very first time as every growing girl has a desire to wear a saree just as their moms do. And there too comes the auspicious day when she finally drapes the saree for the first time, say it your farewell, family wedding or any such special occasion.

To memorise or to cherish those memories again, Triveni ran a contest “Share your First Saree Story” on its website and got exciting responses.

Some of the responses are:

Chandra Shah (Singapore):

CCF04162015_00002My first drape of Saree was when I was 20 years old – in Junagadh, Gujarat, India. I was thrilled. I felt suddenly grown up. I begin loving myself – looking so beautiful in Saree. My sister-in-law helped me to wear my first saree. The saree was from Calcutta – Dhakai Saree, with big border and big Palav.

What people said admiring:You look elegant in Saree. You look Nirupa Roy, a famous Indian cinema actress then.

Now, I live in Singapore, and usually wear Dress. However, my love for Saree remains intact. On any appropriate occasion, I wear Saree. And, I tell my close friends to wear Saree.

Recently, there was Shrimad Bhagvat Katha, where I did wear Saree on all days. We celebrate Navratri in Singapore and I wear Saree then.

During Last October, at my son’s wedding events in Cancun, Mexico, the guests were mainly from USA, Canada, and Brazil. I wear different sarees for different events, with my daughter & friends in Saree, too.All foreign guests were appreciating like anything – Wow!

Even I convinced my American daughter-in-law (living in NY, USA) to wear Saree. She was very happy.

We purchased special sarees from Mumbai, India.

Jemini Ganatra (Hyderabad):

IMG-20150327-WA0004I wore saree first time on my farewell function .It was a RED net fabric saree.It was awesome experience for me to wear saree for first time on this my MBA farewell function at IBS Hyderabad ,i also got a very nice comments from my friends like pretty , lovely ,beautiful etc. I really feel very comfortable in saree and i can carry it very easily as i like to wear ethnic clothes like kurties and suits.In addition to it, i am from Gujarat generally in my family we used to wear ethnic clothes.

My first saree experience really made very happy as i am very much  fond of to wear accessories with it as you can see this in my attached photographs.

I think, being an INDIAN girl you should respect it’s culture and yes, saree is the most beautiful traditional apparel for an INDIAN woman. I respect for it and i believe that every girl should wear a saree on our INDIAN festival or any traditional function at her family.

Thanks a lot by organizing this type of competitions and i really appreciate this idea so that girls like me got a chance to show her experience and also her beauty.

Nisha Mishra:

DSC_0013_20150404222530225वो थी मेरी फेयरवेल की पार्टी, लगना था कुछ खास,

साड़ी पहनकर  लगने  लगी प्यारी,बन गया वो दिन सबसे खास।।

Priyanka Singh (Bangalore):

IMG_20150419_150924Oh this memory of wearing saree first time leaves giggles in my tummy. This is when we were in 8th Grade. It was the last n final day of Dandiya celebrations in our locality. I remember that all my friend had decided on the 1st day of Dandiya celebrations to wear saree on the final day of Dandiya. And we were all excited to put our best foot forward. We all were busy selecting sarees from our mothers wardrobe.

I happen to choose a red saree, with pink embroidered which my mom got as a wedding gift from my nani. I got my mom’s blouse altered.

On the d day, my mom and my neighbor aunty helped me in draping the saree, which was quiet heavy. i was a bit cautious about the fact that how would i play dandaya with such heavy saree, and what if i got stuck or it opens up. but my mom said not to worry about it as she had pinned up everything very properly.

I looked myself in the mirror and wondered how tall and grown up i was looking in the saree. i felt great and left for the function.But the moment i steeped out i again got cautious about the saree fittings, and also i thought i was hopping instead of walking in the saree. but with time it got better, and i could walk properly.

we reached the venue, and saw all my friends draped in saree, and they looked great.

all my worries vanished after we started playing graba, i even forgot that i was wearing a saree, as i was so comfortable in it by then.

the music stopped, and the function ended. But my memories of the first saree will always remain in my mind, after that event i have never left an opportunity to wear a saree, be it the teachers day celebration at school, or the farewell party.I m in love with the 6 yard piece of cloth.

Shweta Patni (Andhra Pradesh):

FB_IMG_1428248867923I am a lil overweight so never got anybody’s attention but my recent farewell was d day when this happened.

I wore saree for the first time inspite of the apprehensions of wearing saree on this much weight…rest was history…everybody was surprised and i got atleast 50 compliments….yes 50….one f d most happy day fr m…an it happened coz f d saree….


Pinky Samal (Surat):

My first drape of saree at my collage teachers day function in 6th semester and this time we were (my collage classmate) decided to ware saree and my role was MSO(Modeling Simulation and Operation) Lecture. This is my first time of wearing saree and i was at my hostel and i don’t have saree at that moment but i purchases it immediately but did not get the blouse stitched so i purchased a separate matching blouse. I know how to ware saree but i missed my mom so much because she ware saree in very beautiful style, she can ware saree in all style bangali, odishi, gujarati etc. I tried to ware it but i wouldn’t then one of my friend help me to ware it. I ware saree perfectly then went to collage. All friends give me complement i am looking so nice in saree because i have slim and medium height body then in the green shaded net saree was looking very nice, very beautiful. I was little uncomfortable while walking with the saree and 4” hill but any how i managed the whole day. I was so high lighted because I always ware western clothes never ware traditional ware so all collage friends and all faculties wanted to see me at least once. They said you look better in saree as compare to jeans and you look so elegant. Finally I was so happy with my first time saree experience and specially for the good compliments.



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