Shades of a woman, the colourful ones!

On this journey which was destined to bring home our readers  to taste some real exciting flavours in this Women’s History Month, what we came across is worth sharing.













This is an abstract painting, and the source read “Psychedelic Woman”.Honestly mates, that’s not how we perceived it. Infact, what clicked was, “How true this is”, by which we intend to express the multihued aspect of a woman. The dynamic category of the human race whose mood and thinking is a topic of discussion even in mythology.

There’s this interesting story in mythology- a great weaver Arachne boasted that her skill was greater than that of Athena, goddess of wisdom. The goddess sets up a contest and the two begin weaving straight away. Athena’s weaving represents four separate contests between mortals and the gods in which the gods punish mortals for setting themselves as equals of the gods.(You see, how that is what you’d plainly call a taunt) and Arachne’s weaving depicts ways that the gods have misled and abused mortals (huh, she’s no less ;) ) What happened next is up to you to discover.

“She is calm, she is gentle, she is the ocean of love;
Try harming what she loves and she’ll turn you upside-down and down-above”

No we do not intend to offend you pretty ladies, but that’s how it works.And we say so, there’s something we guess you’d like.

images (1)

This pretty much expresses that fragile part of a woman, which makes her so special and precious.

Precious????  Yes, indeed. They are precious to their partner, angel to their parents, friend to siblings,  and a world to the world.

As we were heading towards home, something caught our attention!

Ilana Yahav’s sand art helped us inspect yet another amazing feature about women. Her eyes

hqdefaultThey always have a story to tell…

And that’s what leads many poets and writers to create wonderful literature pieces!

You might wonder why this art is off the track from the title and the other two art pieces above, until we direct you to the hidden COLOURFUL spark in these eyes. Sure you do feel that now, in the painting and in yourself.

With that we wish you a very Happy Women’s day in advance!
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