Moving On With A Saree

Bid Adieu the days when ‘saris’ across the world was limited only to Indian Culture. With some innovative designers coming with their global ways of draping the traditional piece with different silhouettes, prints and fabrics has turned it into a world known fashion commodity. The world is becoming global and smaller at the same time. Indians are residing in every part of the world. Our culture is getting famous let alone accepted. The traditional ancient form of living acts a fresh air for people across the globe.

The sari has been a timeless classic and perhaps the only unstitched garment of the past. It increases the beauty, regality and sensuality of the wearer like no other. Because of its large surface area it has also become the ‘canvas’ for the weavers and printers to create artistic weave and prints.

To the people of the west; the most familiar and relevant images of Indian women comes from two extremes. The one is Mother Teresa draped in all white with stripes of blue. She is a symbol of care, love and strength and above all humanity. The other is of an anonymous untidy poor woman with infants in her lap. India sure has changed. Girls are no longer bound to household chores. Since a decade they are walking on equal footing with men in every aspect of life.


“We do not need guns and bombs to bring peace, we need love and compassion.” Mother Teresa draped in all white with stripes of blue.

I think the story of an Indian girl and sari is quite the same. There are so deeply related to each other. Both are making crossroads all over the world; and their beauty and grace being noticed. Indian girls are no longer restricted to homes. Likewise a sari no longer restricted to India. The Sainas, Priyankas, Deepikas are ruling the world like a queen. Their popularity is gaining all over the world. Ditto with the sari. From Anna Kournikova to Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham to Selena Gomez, Angelina Jolie to Pamela Anderson; they all have sizzled in saris. There are many more in the list. There have been occasions when celebrities and royal families (of non-Indian origin) have married according to Indian culture.

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Clockwise: Lady Gaga in Tarun Tahiliani creation, Victoria Beckham, Anna Kournikova, Selena Gomez

The famous British Journalist Colin McDowell who have been covering fashion for decades now , confined in his admiration of the Indian Shervani (men) and saris on a recent trip to Sri Lanka. “It dawned me on why India doesn’t have a varied fashion Industry in the west. They have perfected the most beautiful clothes.”  Perfected or not the sari had evolved and continue to evolve in various fashion crazes. It is not unusual to attend fashion shows that highlight only the sari and the various innovative ways it can be draped.  Over the years sari has grown into huge variety of drapes, pattern, print and fabrics. With denim being in trend for the current and even next season a design student Anubha Jain realized the potential of the denim sari.


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As a design student, Anubha Jain realised the potential of the denim sari.

Source: Pinterest.

The sari compensates for any physical shortcomings. It gives fullness to thing figure and is equally good at camouflaging extra fat when required, something western clothes can’t aspire to.

It adds to the beauty of women and the best thing is there are varieties for every occasion. As a fashion aspirant, the sari provides a great scope for creative designs. As a brand who loves Indian culture and traditions, we would be pleased to take the beautiful traditions forward in any form to different parts of the world.


Taking a step further in this account, we launched an entire new collection of saris under ‘Officewear’ section. They are catered to the office goers around the world. You can dazzle with your personality with these specifically designed saris. With subtle variation in blouse, prints of the saris combined with draping styles; you are left with much to choose from.

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Check it out at our website

Authored by: Mayank Bharti


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