Masaba for Satya Paul: Day 3 of WIFW

Masaba for Satya Paul has been creating magic ever since she stepped into those shoes. The question today arose whether she would be able to recreate the magic she did with her suitcase and lipstick print. How many times is too many times for quirky prints. She answered it in the affirmative. Magic yet again. The prints were complete genius. From hands coming together and performing the action of zipping to crazy surreal water movement from the bottle to a glass, her imagination flowed much like the prints. Liquid yet magical. The cuts and silhouettes were sporty. Capes and shorts along with maxi dresses, empire line tunics and slouchy skirts made for a relaxed wearable collection. Hints of metallic colours made for an interesting twist. Silks and wool came together to create the perfect Autumn Winter tone. Trend alert: Those metallic retro hairbands and platform sandals.


Authored by Shreya Kalra of For The Love Of Fashion And Other Things

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