Indian sweets, an assortment of shapes and colours!

He who is worshiped with the onset of every new auspicious thing loves, adores and is very fond of Modaks. And we are sure you would have heard “Ganpati Bappa Moriya” every morning and evening, for past few weeks especially if you are residing in the western part of India.

Our very own designer modaks with sweet filling inside made up of fresh grated coconut and jaggery. Sounds delicious!!! Doesn’t it? But before we get our mouths watering let’s take a look at the sweets offering more designs and features to talk about.

They aren’t small apples, they are sweets with Black Cumin embedded as stems.



Flower shaped “Jangiri” from South, popularly known as “Imarti”  in North. But folks, don’t jumble it up with the round shaped Jalebis. Moon shaped kaaju barfi, and lotus shaped sweet.

How sweet!! :)

That’d be about shapes, glimpsing the colours now…


Chocolaty delicious gulaab jaamun, Rosaceous barfi and green as grass chakki.

But there’s more to it from the skilled artisans of India, we popularly call “Halwaais”  :)


You must hurry up to the nearest Mithaai shop,
while Triveni Times cooks some more delicious stuffs, just for you.

Authored by: Pragya Banka

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