Dress Up your Diwali

Diwali is round the corner. Get ready to celebrate and enjoy this bright and colourful festival.


Diwali is all about lights, but it won’t be just the fireworks that light up the festival. All over the country, people wear adorn special attire on Diwali and these vibrant costumes form part of a long-standing tradition that is has been passed down over the years.

In fact, the glitzy, eye-catching, traditional attire that people wear during the festival of lights are actually more of an attraction than the fireworks and are brighter than the twinkling lights and diyas dazzling around us. And, every community is portray their own grand, unique and traditional apparel on this occasion. Right from the Pathaani kurta of the Sindhi men to the Paithani saree draped by Marathi Mulgis, the Kanjivaram silk saree donned by Tamil ladies, every community has a distinct dress that is typically bright with varied hues which are unique to Diwali.


Karnataka is famous for its Mysore silk sarees. Its sheer material clings to your body. These traditional sarees are usually plain with gold border but it gives you a rich and sober look and also highlights some of your best assets.

Silk Saree

Silk SareeMarathis consider Paithani saree to be the best choice to be donned on Diwali. They are hand-woven sarees with unique motifs and borders. Motifs like lotus, flowering vines and the Narali are the most popular ones. Peacock border, flower pot border and geometrical square border are the most preferred. The sarees are coloured using vegetable dyes. They come alive in colours of violet and red, sky blue and pink, red and green, lavender, purple, red and black and many more.

Bandhani Saree

Bandhani Saree

Bandhani sarees are the traditional sarees of Rajasthan and Gujarat. These sarees are woven by combining vibrant colors. The motifs are usually tear drops, round spots or squares. Bandhani saree with round spots are called Chundadi and those with square are called ghatadi and those with tear drops are called kori.


Kanchpuram Saree

Tamilnadus’ Kanchipuram silk saree is the typical outfit of Tamil Nadu. Suns, moons, chariots, peacocks, parrots, swans, lions, coins, mangoes, leaves and many such motifs are woven into the Kanchipuram silk patterns. The borders are heavily brocaded with original silver zari.

All these sarees are bound to brighten up your festival of lights. So, be sure to pick from one of the widest festival range and shine bright like a diamond! light up your Diwali.

Coming up from Triveni Festival Lehengas and anakalis. Stay Tuned

More to come – Matching Accessories for Diwali outfits, makeup and much more!

Authored by – Adarsh KAM 

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