8 Things That Cross Every Girl’s Mind When Dressed In Ethnic Wear

No wonder girls take a lot of time to shop, to dress up; as they just want to look their best when dressed in ethnic wear. And if you thought ethnic wear is just about choosing the right kind of fabric or outfit, you could be wrong. It’s seems a gamut of tasks and more than choosing attire, especially for women and it’s all paid off when she is dressed completely and you glance at her and your jaw drops and you become speechless. So, here are 8 things that cross every girl’s mind when dressed in ethnic wear.

1) Ethnic wear suits Indian body figure, so if it is a saree you could just drape it around your body, no matter what body shape you are in, and you are ready to go looking dashing and graceful. It just suits every figure, and if you have a nice figure and a flat belly, you could show off your navel in a saree if you like. Triveni Ethnics offers a great range of sarees for all body types in a variety of styles and colors, from Georgette sarees to Chiffon sarees and well the list goes on.


  2) So if you have your man, and you want to impress his mother, get ready to show yourself off in front of his mother in ethnic wear. Dressed in ethnic wear brings out the confidence in you, and all you need to do is put on a little smile on your face and the rest is taken care by the ethnic wear and we are sure, you are not going to get disappointed.

  3) The feeling of pride in Indian culture, to embrace the culture of India is what ethnic wear brings in the mind of a girl. Our rich heritage in textile, vibrancy of colors, and embroidery coupled with fine pieces of jewelry, is the USP of our ethnic wear. Every portion of ethnic wear is meticulously selected that boasts of Indian culture, just as our behavior reflects Indian culture the same way our dresses speak Indian-ness. Tell me one cultural event that goes without women wearing ethnic wear? So whether it’s a wedding, a family function or for that matter a college farewell, just visit Triveniethnics.com and have all your needs taken care of with the comfort of online delivery to your doorstep.

4) Elegance, elegance, elegance! When dressed in ethnic wear and this word does not pop up, that is out of question. Whether it is a pallu of a saree, or a dupatta of a suit, they all sway with the movements your body or hands make, as if not intending to leave you, and always following you keeping the elegance intact.


5) You all have worn your mother’s saree or a suit while browsing through the shelf of your mother. The sense of maturity, stepping on to mother’s shoes, carrying the tradition forward, when dressed in your mother’s saree or suit, looking yourself in the mirror, reminding you as if the younger version of your mother is brought back alive.

6) Girls have always admired the how princesses are shown to look and even they want to look like one of them one day, so when dressed in ethnic wear, they are the princesses waiting to be charmed by the prince of their dream who caresses them the way they want to be   caressed and bring the world to their feet.

7) Looking differently from the usual day that even she is not able to recognize herself, from the daily old boring outfit to something very refreshing that speaks of vibrancy, grace, colorfulness and donning that royal look stylized by bangles, bindis, and other accessories, so much so that a glare at the look makes a grumpy mood go away. And yes, a chance for make up!

8) Dressed in ethnic wear, a girl always thinks of looking the right age, if the attire is complementing her age or not, if the style is contemporary or not and if the style is not contemporary, how to make one contemporary. And if something is wrong, here come accessories to the rescue. No matter how simple your suit is or saree is or outdated it seems to be, if you have bangles that make melodious sounds, coupled with fine bindi and ear-rings you can make the best ethnic look. Not to forget the gajra, they are not just the thing for South Indian women; they look equally stunning on all Indian women.

After this, a few men woul stop saying that they really don’t understand girl’s mind, you now know it a little better. So why should girls always take pain to select the best ethnic wear, guys go out or go online, start with gifting your beloved one with a small accessory and win her heart. And when you go online, don’t forget www.triveniethnics.com.

tsnsa12029By: Ankit Singhal (Fore School of Management)