For a designer who has trained under the legendary Indian designer Rohit Bal himself, the expectations were insurmountably high. Sahil Kochhar’s show was in a slot where Jenjum Gadi and Mrinalini had already upped the awesome quotient of Day 5 to a very high level. When it finally did happen, it left me awestruck for the lack of a better word. For a debut collection, Sahil’s play with surface texturing was clearly of a very advanced level. The ‘shola pith’ embroidery on the whites with the very contemporary silhouettes, left me gasping. The collection exuded feminine glamour and the jackets that complemented all the garments were cut in the most impeccable fashion. The show ended with the models throwing flower bouquets to the crowd and a final walk in a floral shower. An utmost charming debut by Sahil Kochhar.



Authored by Shreya Kalra of For The Love of Fashion and Other Things

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