16 Signs that she is a complete Indian Bride!

It’s her day today and like most of us would be, she too is thrilled and euphoric about it. But then there’s more that she is enthralled about and that’s her love for Indian culture & rituals. Triveni (who happens to be her shop-for-wedding friend) will tell you how.

After she took an auspicious oil bath, her hairs were adorned with flowers and jewellery for almost every pleat. And they called this arrangement of hair as “Keshapasharachana”.

Her eyebrows lifted, when put the ornament “Maang-Tikka“, after all it is on this jewellery that her better half would put “sindoor“.

“Sindoor (vermillion, a red coloured powder) is regarded as being an extremely auspicious symbol of what it means to be a bride – of the man she would consider hers. And she would always wear it and “Mangal Sutra” as symbols of suhaag thus ensuring the longevity of her husband.”,

she said all that with a little blush which added to the awww-moment. :)

Bindi” seems to be no less important. It is as much a symbol of  marriage, as the sacred red powder we just discussed. And our elders would say a big NO to vacant forehead of a married woman. But for all the Kajal-lovers out there, you’ll be glad to know that “Kajal” is also considered as a sacred-to-do for the brides.

Next she put up the “Nath” (the nose ring), close to which was the earring or all of ours favourite “Jhumka“. Notice the armlets on the upper arm? They are the “baajuband“.

Meanwhile something interesting that came up “Legend that says brides were asked to wear bangles because as newlyweds, they were not supposed to do household chores.” What’s more interesting is the look these “Choodiyan” give to the bride. “Hathphool” for the hands, and a ring with mirror embedded in it for the left thumb. This versatile ring is known as “Aarsi“, which helps the bride get a  glimpse of herself as well as her life-partner (incase the rituals don’t let her see his face). There something for the waist as well, yes a waistband or the “Kamarband“.

Payal” to add sparkle to the feet already decorated with “Mehndi” & “Bichua” (the toe ring) finally summing up the signs to SIXTEEN. You may want to scroll up & count the ones in italics ;)

Till then Triveni will leave for the next journey to bring back more, so stay tuned to TriveniTimes!

Authored by Pragya Banka

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